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KORU Graphical UI framework possibilities

We provide design possibilities

Our design team can help designing beautiful user interfaces for any product type. We can start with an idea or a detailed specification and help turning your product concept into reality with our SDK. The first results can be seen in days. Building a functional watch face is a matter of minutes with Koru.



Graphical scalability is achieved through mastery of the tools. Koru designers master their tools and express themselves with the needed fidelity to create trompe l’oeil type effect on the digital canvas. The Koru platforms brings the visual finesse to reality.



Wearables are small. To achieve graphical perfection we need to work at great detail. This requires a lot of effort and precision and skill to know what needs to be retained when scaled down to run on limited hardware.


digital magic

Digital enables creation of digital complications that merge tradition with modern utility. Transforming watch faces is one example how the wearable canvas evolves our understanding of the watch as a digital medium.

design by prototyping

KORU Graphical UI framework's transformative benefit is that user interface design and functionality are developed in parallel. Designers can modify the UI any time with XML and the programmers can work simultaneously on the functionality level with C. We take the guesswork out of the software development. With KORU the designers, engineers and test users will see and work on the same prototype. This workflow enables faster development, more iterations and ultimately better experiences.

KORU Graphical UI framework benefits

It takes long time to write short code,
quality is derived from mastery of the craft.

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