The product and services

Koru is a declarative Graphical UI Framework

Koru framework provides scalability and design freedom to all screen sizes, especially designed for limited microcontroller based hardware. You need Koru if you want to rapidly build fast, efficient and beautiful user interfaces for custom products. We offer tailored business models scaling from per unit licensing to complete custom solutions.

We provide interaction design services. We can design any type of user experience leveraging our platform for turnkey solutions. Our framework enables graphical richness with long battery life. We welcome you to our lab for a tour, to see our code and our demos and to discuss the best possible solution for your needs.


We enable 60fps graphics performance on a Cortex M4 microcontroller. The system can boot in less than 500 ms.


The system is incredibly efficient, taking only 128 kB of RAM and able to sleep 98% of the time while updating a clock every second. The sleep-update-sleep cycle in less than 20 ms.


With more than 60 widgets we can build most interfaces. Each widget is complete with rich  animations and interactions. Customer can have unique set of all widgets. 

Koru in Upgraded Life Festival

KORU at Upgraded Life Festival

Our CEO, Christian Lindholm was moderating the Upgraded Life Festival's Main stage program.

Koru in Wearable tech conference

KORU introduced the Space Watch Demo

Koru participated for the third time at Wearable Technology Show in London on 10th and 11th of March. Our CEO Christian Lindholm spoke on the wearable panel stressing the need for personal style and flair in the design of wearables.

Koru in Mobile world Congress

Koru at Mobile World Congress

Koru visited Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2016. We were part of the Finnish delegation. KORU was meeting clients and influencers in wearables.

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